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K’NEX-a-Day Holiday Giveaway Contest – Win a K’NEX prize pack worth over $900!


KNex-SweepstakesWin a K’NEX Prize Pack worth over $900!


ENTRY LIMIT – Each entrant is limited to one entry per person per calendar day.

ELIGIBILITY – This Promotion is open to all permanent, legal U.S. or Canadian residents currently domiciled in the U.S. or Canada (except those of Puerto Rico, U.S. territories or possessions and the Province of Quebec), who: (a) are 18 years of
age or older (for U.S. participants), or have reached the age of majority in his or her province of residence (for Canadian participants), at the time of entry; (b) have access to the Internet; and (c) have a Facebook® account.

SWEEPSTAKES ENTRY PERIOD – Sweepstakes begins Monday, Nov. 23, 2015 and ends Dec. 14, 2015.

PRIZES – Date Daily Prize SRP
11/23/15 One (1) K’NEX® K-FORCE Build and Blast™ K-20X Building Set $27.99
11/24/15 One (1) K’NEX® 35 Model Building Set $27.99
11/25/15 One (1) K’NEX® Beasts Alive™ Bronto Building Set $27.99
11/26/15 One (1) K’NEX® Mighty Makers® Going Green™ Building Set $19.99
11/27/15 One (1) K’NEX® Typhoon Frenzy Roller Coaster™ Building Set $49.99
11/28/15 One (1) LINCOLN LOGS® Horseshoe Hill Station Building Set $29.99
11/29/15 One (1) TINKERTOY® Wild Wheels Building Set $29.99
11/30/15 One (1) K’NEX® Mario Kart 8 Thwomp Ruins Building Set $69.99
12/1/15 One (1) K’NEX® Plants vs. Zombies™ Wild West Skirmish Building Set $34.99
12/2/15 One (1) K’NEX® Viper’s Venom Roller Coaster Building Set $44.99
12/3/15 One (1) K’NEX® 70 Model Building Set $39.99
12/4/15 One (1) K’NEX® Mighty Makers® Fun on the Ferris Wheel™ Building Set $34.99
12/5/15 One (1) LINCOLN LOGS® 100th Anniversary Tin $49.99
12/6/15 One (1) K’NEX® K-FORCE Build and Blast™ Dual Cross Building Set $49.99
12/7/15 One (1) K’NEX® Plants vs. Zombies™ Pirate Seas Plank Walk Building Set $49.99
12/8/15 One (1) K’NEX® Beasts Alive™ Stompz Building Set $39.99
12/9/15 One (1) K-FORCE® Build and Blast™ Mega Boom Building Set $49.99
12/10/15 One (1) TINKERTOY® 150 Piece Essentials Value Building Set $49.99
12/11/15 One (1) K’NEX® Mighty Makers™ Home Designer Building Set $49.99
12/12/15 One (1) K’NEX® Sky Sprinter Roller Coaster Building Set $129.99
12/13/15 One (1) K’NEX® Combat Crew 5-IN-1 Building Set $49.99
12/14/15 One (1) K’NEX® Super Mario™ Beach™ Building Set $34.99
In addition, one (1) Grand Prize Winner will be awarded a K’NEX Prize Pack (SRP:
US $993.78), which consists of one (1) of each of the daily prizes identified above

RULES – See sweepstakes rules here.

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