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Amazon.com Deal – Dutch Ovens 50% off


Shop Amazon – Save on Dutch Ovens

This is a sweet deal – dutch ovens 50% off or more!  Last year my husband got a bright red enamel cast iron dutch oven for me – I’d been drooling over them in the store and he noticed!  I love my dutch oven – mine is a 5 qt.  It’s awesome!  I use it for all kinds of cooking – not just for soups.  We eat gluten free at my house and every time I cooked gluten free pasta, it wanted to stick to the pan – but it doesn’t stick to my dutch oven (it will stick if you don’t tend to it – it’s not magic, but as long as you watch it and stir occasionally, it does great).  If you have someone who loves to cook on your Christmas list – this would be a great gift!