I’m DeAnn.  I’ve been hooked on sweepstakes since 2007 and I’ve been sharing them on blogs since 2011.  Even though the blog title is Sweepstakes in Seattle – I don’t live in Seattle – unless you’re not from Washington – then, yes I live in Seattle!  I’m in Western Washington and my passion is finding the best sweepstakes to enter and share.  I only post sweepstakes that I feel aren’t going to bombard you with email or try to scam you in any way!


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  1. Just wanted to tell you I won a free can of pam from the pam grilling sweepstakes and I won a 3 song download, 2 free Dasani drop coupons, and ear buds from the Dasani drops sweepstakes


  2. I just been notified that I won a Levis 500 Schwinn bike worth $250. I would not have known about this sweepstakes if it was not for your web site Thank You
    Myrtle Beach S.C.


  3. I just been notified that I was the Grand prize winner of $2500 from the previous Gorton Fish sweepstakes . Thank You Sweepstakes in Seattle I would have never known about this sweepstakes if it were not for you.


  4. Hi DeAnn,
    Just wanted to let you know I won Wellness Journal from the Culturelle sweepstakes. Thank you so much for your hard work!


  5. I won the Treasure Cave Jumbo Pak instant winner and a few weeks ago my fiancé Pamela won the good cook prize on the Challenge dairy sweepstakes.


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