I’m DeAnn.  I’ve been hooked on sweepstakes since 2007 and I’ve been sharing them on blogs since 2011.  Even though the blog title is Sweepstakes in Seattle – I don’t live in Seattle – unless you’re not from Washington – then, yes I live in Seattle!  I’m in Western Washington and my passion is finding the best sweepstakes to enter and share.  I only post sweepstakes that I feel aren’t going to bombard you with email or try to scam you in any way!



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  1. Just wanted to tell you I won a free can of pam from the pam grilling sweepstakes and I won a 3 song download, 2 free Dasani drop coupons, and ear buds from the Dasani drops sweepstakes


  2. I just been notified that I won a Levis 500 Schwinn bike worth $250. I would not have known about this sweepstakes if it was not for your web site Thank You
    Myrtle Beach S.C.


  3. I just been notified that I was the Grand prize winner of $2500 from the previous Gorton Fish sweepstakes . Thank You Sweepstakes in Seattle I would have never known about this sweepstakes if it were not for you.


  4. Hi DeAnn,
    Just wanted to let you know I won Wellness Journal from the Culturelle sweepstakes. Thank you so much for your hard work!


  5. I won the Treasure Cave Jumbo Pak instant winner and a few weeks ago my fiancé Pamela won the good cook prize on the Challenge dairy sweepstakes.


    • This is true… This past summer, my family went on a month long vacation, which turned into, let’s move! So, basically from May 2022 my life was all about packing for vacation, going on vacation, looking at homes to buy, packing, selling our home, moving, trying to settle in and hosting family events in our new home. My sweepstakes mojo is pretty low lately and I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I will get it back or not. I’ve shared posts about sweepstakes since 2011 (on a friend’s blog) and here at Sweepstakes in Seattle since 2014. Time will tell if the sweepstakes bug will be back for me.


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